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La Fiesta Restaurant – Manila

La Fiesta’s catch phrase is “the Largest Filipino Buffet” and you won’t be disappointed. The variety and quality of the food needs to be seen to be believed.

Indulge yourself with over 200 varieties of food items including appetisers, main dishes, side dishes, and more than 40 desserts. You will also enjoy unlimited drinks including juice, soft drinks, San Miguel beer, coffee, and tea. Experience authentic Filipino classic dishes like bulalo, lechon, inihaw na pusit, and lechong manok and or exotic street food including balut, shawarma, BBQ isaw and chicken inasal

Your dining experience will be complimented with live music or cultural show. Acoustic band performances are every day during lunch and dinner, and a cultural show every Friday night and whole day of Saturday and Sunday.

La Fiesta is conveniently located in the Mall of Asia Complex, next to the Mall of Asia Ferris Wheel.