Why Manila should be your next Holiday Destination


The chaos of Manila might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for the brave that venture into the Philippine’s capital city, the rewards are worth pushing your way past the throngs. The legacy of its various colonisers can still be seen today, with rich architecture and a culture infused by both Eastern and Western influences.

A History Buff’s Dream

Built in Intramuros – the Philippine’s original capital city, San Agustin Church is a UNESCO listed World Heritage site that showcases the country’s strong Spanish influence. With its high ceilings and displays of colonial era religious artefacts, it’s a must for history buffs. Not too far off, Manila Cathedral still stands proud, having survived almost 450 years of renovations and re-building. Casa Manila Patio is also worth a peak to see how the more affluent lived.

Relaxing amid the chaos

If tracing your way through history isn’t your thing, Hidden Valley Springs provides an idyllic escape from the chaos of city life. Set amidst acres of rainforest, Hidden Valley Springs has existed for hundreds of years, emerging after 300-feet deep crater was formed during a volcanic upheaval leaving behind more than a hundred natural springs composed of pure mineral waters of varying temperatures.

Villa Escudero Plantation also provides a sanctuary away from the city for those looking for relaxation. Founded in 1872 by Don Plácido Escudero and his wife, Doña Claudia Marasiga, the plantation has only been recently opened to the public by the family. You can view their collected artefacts or jump on a bamboo raft to take in the sights of the sprawling estate.


Manila is a Foodie Haven

Foodies will be delighted to know that Manila offers everything from traditional eats to American franchises. Blending the modern influences with authentic Filipino tastes produces something of a gastronomical delight. Barbara’s restaurant in Intramuros is a perfect example of this, with buffet dinners and cultural shows to delight even fussy eaters.

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