How to experience, not just holiday, in the Philippines


It is true that the best way to learn about a culture is to immerse oneself into their world. When thinking about holiday destinations, we aren’t looking to tick the boxes in a checklist. We are looking to experience the new, the unique, an alternative way of living. We’re looking for moments that will stay with us. Moments like say, swimming with a whale shark!

When you think of the Philippines, what comes to your mind? Even with a google search there’s a lot to look at. Not surprising considering the country is made up of 7,641 islands. So, before you visit the culture and rich history of the Philippines, here are just some of the experiences you should have…

A Rich Diverse Landscape

Let’s talk country life at the Villa Escudero. Imagine the serenity of bamboo rafting through a calm river, with only thoughts and the reflections to guide you. Afterwards you can eat local cuisine at the waterfall restaurant, or just lie back against the waterfall and let the water wash over you. After you’re done you can enjoy a performance that showcases the deep culture of the Philippines.

Holistic Health Retreats

Maybe a holiday, for you, is more about finding your centre. The Farm is a holistic retreat south of Manilla that aims to rejuvenate the weary and bring balance back to the mind, body and soul. Embrace aromatherapy, massage, kidney cleansing as well as yoga and Tai Chi.


Explore Hidden Valley

Swim in the Hidden Valley springs. Be among a rainforest of trees, some over three centuries years old. Or take a boat to Sumilon Island where you can swim with Whale Sharks in the morning and spend your day enjoying cuisine on the untouched beach.

Experience Manila

Tour the capital of Manilla, and learn about the “walled city” that came before. A city built by the Spaniards in the 1700’s. Walk among the people and feel the Spanish influence throughout the city. From the live local music to the San Augustin Church.

So now when you think of the Philippines, what comes to mind? Whether it is the great outdoors or inner peace, there are over seven thousand islands to discover and even more moments to make your own. So instead of getting lost looking for a vacation, find an experience. Discover the benefits of Philippines tour packages. Contact us here at Allucia Tours.