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Visit the beautiful chocolate hills with a river cruise lunch on the Loboc River.

Bohol is famous for hills that look like chocolate, Tarsiers – the worlds smallest primates, restaurants that float slowly down the river; and pure white sandy beaches.

The famous Chocolate Hills are more than 1,268 grass-covered limestone domes nearly symmetrical in shape and height. The picturesque hills turn a distinct shade of brown during the dry season and give them a resemblance to chocolate, hence their name.

In Bohol you will also enjoy an idyllic river cruise at Loboc. As you slowly drift down the Loboc River, you will enjoy a delicious Filipino buffet lunch as are welcomed by the local communities.

The Simply Butterfly conservation garden and education centre is another stop full of unique experiences. Not only will you learn plenty of interesting facts about butterflies, you also get to sniff the vanilla/chocolate scents of the butterflies’ pheromones.

Baclayon is always a favourite for those who enjoy historical architecture. The Baclayon Church is a well-preserved edifice that was declared a national historical treasure in 1995. Its antique décor and religious relics, some of which are on display in the church museum, date back to the 16th century. Baclayon’s main road is also home to over 65 Spanish-Filipino ancestral homes – some of which were built as far back as 1853!