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Frequently Asked Questions


What currency is used in the Philippines?
The currency of the Philippines is the Philippine peso (PHP).

What language is spoken the Philippines?
Many languages are spoken in Philippines with the main ones being English,Tagalog and Cebuano. English is widely spoken in most areas.

Do I need a visa to travel in the Philippines?
Australia Citizens do not need obtain a tourist visa prior to departure. Your visa will be granted when you enter the Philippines. This is subject to change without notice due to Philippine Tourism Law.


Can I take children on a package group tour?
Children are welcome on all of our group tours, however due to the nature of many activities we do recommend that they are at least 12 years of age. Children are charged at the same prices as adults.

Can I book my own airfare to Manila?
Yes, we can quote you for any of our all-inclusive tours not including the International Airfare.

Do I have to be Australian to join your tours?
No, our day tours and full tours are available to all nationalities. If you are interested in a full tour we can provide you with a quote without the International Airfare included. Please note that although our guides are locals fluent in English, Tagalog, and Cebuano; the tours will be conducted in English.

Are the group tour prices quoted per person twin share? Do I pay more as a single participant?
Our tour prices are quoted per person. The price is the same whether you travel by yourself or with family and/or friends.

Can I pay for my tour in installments?
Yes. We require a deposit of $300 per person and the total must be paid at least two months prior to departure.

Will the price of my tour change with the fluctuating AUD$?
No. Once you have paid for your trip in full the price will not change.