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Corregidor Military History

Enjoy this full day fully escorted private group tour discovering the military history and stories of human courage that Corregidor Island has to reveal.

You will be collected from your hotel by your personal tour guide; travelling in an air-conditioned car or minibus depending on tour size. You will be returned to your hotel after enjoying a fabulous evening meal.

Corregidor Island is just 6.5 kilometers by 2 kilometers in land area and is located right at the entrance of Manila Bay. Due to its location, Corregidor was fortified and used many times in the defence of Manila. During World War II, it played an important role for Filipino and American forces fighting the invasion of the Japanese. Corregidor has gone down in history as the last military bastion during the Japanese take-over of the Philippines in 1942. Many of the structures were left in ruins after the war and have never been re-built. The island is now an important remnant of Filipino history and also serves as a memorial to the American, Filipino and Japanese soldiers who lost their lives in battle.

When General Douglas MacArthur recaptured Corregidor in 1945, the Allied Forces used the island as their headquarters. In particular, the 250 metre underground Malinta Tunnel was crucial. It was completely protected from artillery and air attacks which made it perfect to house the allied control centre, supplies and hospital facilities. The tunnel is one of the highlights for visitors today.

There is more to Corregidor than just military history. The island also has walking trails where you can take in the rainforest and do some bird watching. There is also a beach to explore.



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